iDANS 06
Anna Mendelssohn**Cry Me A River
Anna Mendelssohn Cry Me A River
Geumhyung Jeong**Oil Pressure Vibrator
Geumhyung Jeong Oil Pressure Vibrator
Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll)**Radio Muezzin
Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) Radio Muezzin
Aakash Odedra**Rising
Aakash Odedra Rising
Saburo Teshigawara**Obsession
Saburo Teshigawara Obsession
Anne-Linn Akselsen & Adrián Minkowicz**Dry Act # 2: South Domino
Anne-Linn Akselsen & Adrián Minkowicz Dry Act # 2: South Domino
biriken**Re: Fwd: die in good company (Ynt: İlt: beraberce ölmek)
biriken Re: Fwd: die in good company (Ynt: İlt: beraberce ölmek)
P.A.R.T.S. Yeniler
Dominique Boivin**Transports exceptionnels
Dominique Boivin Transports exceptionnels

Critical Endeavour Turkey 2012

Critical Endeavor Turkey 2012
The international performing arts writing and journalism workshop Critical Endeavor, carried out in the 2010 edition of iDANS as a joint event of Jardin d’Europe, took place in iDANS last year, this time with local participants. The local version of the program continues in iDANS 06 as education and development program for those specializing in contemporary dance and performing arts writing and criticism. Critical Endeavor aims to contribute to the development of a literary culture which confronts the challenges, responsibilities and inquiries of critical practices in contemporary performing arts. The program will involve the discussion of each work presented within iDANS 06, as well as the evaluation of the critical texts produced throughout the workshop.
Critical Endeavor consists of a series of discussions and seminars expanding between October 1st-23rd, 2012 and it is designed around two main goals:
• The achievement of expertise and experience to produce reviews, interviews, essays, articles and more comprehensive theoretical texts
• The production of comprehensive texts on some key issues, theories and concepts of contemporary dance and performance 
On many levels, Critical Endeavor Turkey 2012 will be the continuation of Critical Endeavor Turkey 2011. However, the discussions and readings will be formulated around a “more advanced” conceptual and theoretical intensity.
Participants: Eylül Fidan Akıncı, Ceren Can Aydın, Özge Derman, Meral Harmancı, Nesli Kayalı, Rümeysa Kiger, Ayşe Orhon, Funda Özokçu, Damla Ekin Tokel, Hande Topaloğlu, Bilge Serdar.
The reviews and interviews made by Critical Endeavor participants can be found at