iDANS 06
Anna Mendelssohn**Cry Me A River
Anna Mendelssohn Cry Me A River
Geumhyung Jeong**Oil Pressure Vibrator
Geumhyung Jeong Oil Pressure Vibrator
Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll)**Radio Muezzin
Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) Radio Muezzin
Aakash Odedra**Rising
Aakash Odedra Rising
Saburo Teshigawara**Obsession
Saburo Teshigawara Obsession
Anne-Linn Akselsen & Adrián Minkowicz**Dry Act # 2: South Domino
Anne-Linn Akselsen & Adrián Minkowicz Dry Act # 2: South Domino
biriken**Re: Fwd: die in good company (Ynt: İlt: beraberce ölmek)
biriken Re: Fwd: die in good company (Ynt: İlt: beraberce ölmek)
P.A.R.T.S. Yeniler
Dominique Boivin**Transports exceptionnels
Dominique Boivin Transports exceptionnels
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    New Works - Program 2
    20 Oct 2012 | Saturday 20:00
    New Works - Program 2

    MSUFA Bomonti Şebnem Selışık Aksan Stage

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    Every two years, a new cohort of promising choreographers raised in the most successful dance school of Europe goes on tour throughout Europe. Come and witness the latest developments in dance hosted at its iDANS station! 

    P.A.R.T.S., the Brussels-based dance school founded and directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, is considered one of the most important training centers for contemporary dance in the world. Spread over two evenings, each with a different program, a group of students who graduated in June 2012 will present a selection of their graduation works. The young dancers and choreographers created two duets and a quartet, touching very diverse features of what contemporary dance can be: from the intimate and theatrical over the exuberant and musical to abstract compositions inspired by very concrete forms of behaviour. They also dance Zeitung / fragments, a version for six male dancers of Zeitung by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Alain Franco. The first public steps of tomorrow's generation of dancers and choreographers.
    Choreography and performance: Polina Akhmetzyanova, Alma Palacios | Music: Claude Debussy, Benjamin Chaval | Coaching: Salva Sanchis, Raimundas Malasauskas | Special thanks to Chrysa Parkinson, Veli Lehtovaara, Pierre Bertrand, Steven De Belder, Mia Lawrence
    Duration: 28 minutes
    With mysterious complicity two performers use an evocative language that makes them act upon themselves and each other in a way that might seem illogical. The relation between them and to the audience is changing with time like the metamorphous space, the dancer’s bodies and their appearances. The audience is placed in a somewhat voyeuristic situation, witnessing those transformations and observing how the performers create their world, break it apart, rebuild it, fill it with noise or silences, leave it or get stuck in it. Those sequences of sometimes arbitrary events and changes do not provide explanations or fixed understanding. They are not intended to symbolize anything either; as a spell or unexpected phenomena that haven't been yet explained by scientists, they invite the audience to fantasize and surf on the waves of their perception.
    Zeitung/ fragments
    Original concept: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Alain Franco | Original choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Dance vocabulary developed in collaboration with David Hernandez | Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Anton Webern, Arnold Schönberg – solo piano: rehearsal recordings by Alain Franco; orchestral sections: Pierre Boulez/ Berliner Philarmoniker and Pierre Boulez/BBC Singers | Project director: Mark Lorimer, with assistance by Bostjan Antoncic, Tale Dolven, Alain Franco, Moya Michael, Elizaveta Penkova, Sandy Williams and Sue-Yeon Youn | Rehearsal director: Moya Michael | Dance: Louis Combeaud, José Paulo dos Santos, Youness Khoukhou, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Radouan Mriziga, Mohamed Toukabri
    Duration: 40 minutes
    Zeitung (2008) is a piece by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and pianist Alain Franco, searching for the balance between dance and music, romanticism and disillusion, mathematics and improvisation. The students of PARTS worked five weeks on the original material, composition and improvisational tasks.

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